Is an Intuitive Health Session Right for You?

Welcome! If you are tired of chasing health issues, constantly trying different diets, or going to doctor after doctor looking for answers, an intuitive health session with Natural Health Intuitive, Phoebe Welburn, may be just what you are looking for.

How It Works:
During your intuitive health session, Phoebe will tap in to higher guidance (your soul’s wisdom and/or any other Higher force or spiritual source that feels right for you) and give you extremely specific information regarding the best steps you can take to experience greater health.

An Intuitive Health Session can bring clarity on:
• What foods or diet lifestyle is best for your body right now
• What part of your current diet or supplement program needs adjusting, if any
• How is the health of your organ systems and body systems and what should you focus on supporting (items checked include liver, kidneys, brain, spleen, thyroid, adrenals (HPA axis), lungs, heart, gut, pancreas, reproductive organs, stomach, eyes, and more)
• What types exercise or body movement is best for you
• What is in your current lifestyle that is hindering your health (this can be anything from mold in your house to relationship issues or emotional issues)
• Other ways your body needs support? Do you need to change your drinking water? Your light source? Your bedtime hour? Do you need to stop microwaving your food or using aluminum foil in your kitchen?
• As long as you have faith and trust the process, the right answers ALWAYS come through for you in your Intuitive Health Session!

Services for Practitioners & Healthcare Professionals:

1) Patient Purge

Okay, this is somewhat of a ‘crude’ name for this service, but its direct and to the point! In this Intuitive session I review your patient list (using first name and last name initial for privacy purposes) to see which, if any, of your patients need to be referred out, possibly even permanently eliminated from your practice.

This is to both serve your highest good and theirs. Once we know which patients are no longer a match for you (or you for them), using intuitive guidance I then consult your referral list of practitioners AND my own to find who each patient can and should be referred out to.

Note: The ‘Patient Purge’ service can also be used by coaches or other professionals for your list of current clients.

Cost: Depends on size of patient list, but usually is around $400 – $600. Please contact me for exact pricing for your business.

2) Second Opinion session

Is there a tough case you are struggling with? Or perhaps you are just feeling guided to get some additional input for a patient or client?

A ‘Second Opinion’ session is designed just for that. You and I will work 1-on-1 via phone or video chat to uncover where things are stuck and find the best solutions for your patient.

Sometimes just having a second person join you in holding a strong desire to bring forth a solution for your patient can help answers to appear.

Most practitioners I work with are themselves highly intuitive, and when we work together and combine their vast knowledge of healthcare and both of our intuitive abilities, the results can be fantastic! This is by far my favorite type of work.

30 minutes – $200
1 hour -$375

Services for Individuals:

1) Full Health Review session

Intuitive work includes checking all major body systems to see what area is most important to focus on right now, what diet and lifestyle options are best right now, specific foods to add or take away in order to promote wellness, finding any biohacks or healing modalities that you can benefit from, what will bring the biggest health benefit if removed from your life (this could be anything from mold in your home to protein powders to toxic people), what emotional components need to be addressed in order to physical health (and the best ways to address them), and anything else the Divine throws into the mix 😉


  • Initial 2 hour appointment (1st hour is done by Phoebe alone before the call, 2nd hour done with you)
  • 2 follow up appointments, 45 minutes each

Cost: $1,000

2) Follow Up sessions (after the first 3 outlined above):
40 minute session – $175
1 hour session – $250

All personal sessions are done over the phone or via internet conference (using a video service such as Zoom).

Book a Session:
Please start by sending Phoebe an email to let her know you are interested in booking a session. She must first check intuitively to see if she is the right person to work with you.

And now an amusing message from our legal team: All information given on this web site or during an intuitive session is for educational purposes only, and any information regarding health or health care that you are considering taking action on should be reviewed with your licensed health care practitioner before implementing.