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Welcome! If you are tired of chasing health issues, constantly trying different diets, or going to doctor after doctor looking for answers, an intuitive health session with Health Medium, Phoebe Welburn, may be just what you are looking for.

How It Works:
During your intuitive health session, Phoebe will tap in to higher guidance (your soul’s wisdom and any Higher force or spiritual source that you resonate with) and give you extremely specific information regarding the best steps you can take to experience greater health.

An intuitive health session can bring clarity on:
• Which health practitioner(s) is the best for you right now (it often changes over time)
• What foods or diet lifestyle resonate best with your body right now
• What is in your current diet or supplement program that your body does not like or needs adjusted
• What is in your current lifestyle that is hindering your health (this can be anything from mold in your house to relationship issues or emotional needs )
• And much more

All sessions are done over the phone.
30 minute session – $175

Book a Session:
Please start by sending Phoebe an email to let her know you are interested in booking a session. She must first check intuitively to see if she is the right person for you (there are some people she is just not able to connect for, for reasons unknown to her).

Be sure to avoid mentioning anything about your health as Phoebe likes to know nothing about your health or circumstances when she starts an intuitive session.

And now an amusing message from our legal team: All information given on this web site or during an intuitive session is for educational purposes only, and any information regarding health or health care that you are considering taking action on should be reviewed with your licensed health care practitioner before implementing.