Feeling lost or confused about your health?
Need a path that feels right for you and your individual needs? You’re In the Right Place!

Each body is different, which means what works for one person might be completely wrong for another.

That protein powder your friend is raving about could be the absolute worst thing for your body. The exercise you’re doing that you were told was good for you could be hurting your body more than helping it.

Fortunately your body knows the answers. My job as a Health Intuitive (sometimes called a “Medical Intuitive”) is to listen to your body and get the answers you need so that you can experience the highest levels of health and well-being possible.

My deep intention for everyone who visits this web site is that you find the support you need for your health so that ultimately you can live your true purpose and do the thing that lights you up inside.

Using my intuitive gifts to help people with their health is what lights me up. 

I have spent many years as a Health Intuitive checking all kinds of things for people. Everything from the exact foods their body wanted to the best kind of exercise to whether or not their body wanted the supplements they were taking.

I believe everyone has the ability to use their intuition, not just to get guidance on things that affect their health but for guidance in every area of their life.

Sometimes it’s not always easy to hear your inner guidance, however, especially when it concerns things that can cause you stress or worry.

This is often the case with health issues. Utilizing the skills of a Health Intuitive can help bring you peace and provide you the information you need.

Types of Sessions:

Product Check:
Before buying 3 months worth of expensive supplements or investing $40 in a protein powder your body might not even be able to digest, get them checked for your body! Once your body gives you the ‘okay’ on the items (or services – see below) you can then check them with your doctor.
Cost: $275
-Includes intuitive testing for 20 products
-Service is provided via email*
-Service may be divided into 3 separate emails (for example, have 7 products tested, then later have 5 tested, then have final 8 tested).
*If you are a new client, a 5 minute phone call is done prior to this service to ensure Phoebe is the right intuitive to be able to help you.

YES, this works for services, too! Wondering if colon hydrotherapy would help you? How about lymphatic drainage massage or homeopathic medicine? Use the “Product Check” service and get answers!

Diet and Exercise Check:
Are you eating the right foods for your body? Is the exercise your doing appropriate for your body’s needs? Find out with a Diet and Exercise check!
Cost: $450
-Includes 50 minute phone consultation to discuss your individual needs and the changes you will then consult your doctor about before implementing.

Soul Guidance Session:
Ready to just hand it over to your Soul and hear any guidance it feels is the most important? This is the session for you.
Cost: $495
-Includes 1 hr phone session

How it works:

Sessions are done via email or over the phone. Phoebe does not accept everyone as a client, only those she feels guided to work with. She offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all sessions.

To book a Health Guidance session or for questions, please contact Phoebe via email.

If you are a health care practitioner needing guidance for a patient, please contact Phoebe via email for an exploration call to see if her services might be of help to you.